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1958 Montrachet – Marquis de Laguiche

Monday, August 17th, 2009
White Burgundy - 1958 Montrachet

White Burgundy - 1958 Montrachet

Forget the modern rich battonaged white Burgundies with their over sulphited noses and sweet oak overtones. Go to the top, drink the best, drink it old, make use of that oversized hand blown Burgundy glass, and sit down to breath, drink and eat an incredible glass of wine.

An ethereal combination of treakle, honey comb and coffee sings out of the glass. The palate is focused, crunchy minerality, width without being fat, concentrated with a great depth that takes control of your senses, persistant flavours linger in your mouth like a salty dried apricot.

I often find that old white Burgundies grow and open with air over a longer period of time than old red Burgundies. Don’t be afraid to decant old whites and even leave a small glass overnight to discover something different the next day.

Christian Knott

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Friday, May 1st, 2009

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